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Whats my ears been forced to listen this week?

Glad you asked.

1. Reel Big Fish - A Best of Us for the Rest of Us

2. Feeder - The Singles

3. Trent Reznor / Atticus Ross - Girl With The Dragon Tattoo OST

4. Alkaline Trio - This Addiction

5. Godspeed You Black Emperor - F# A# (Infinity)

Lately I have been watching…

[REC]  - one of the best horror films of this generation, well worth a watch even if you can’t stand reading subtitles. Avoid the damn awful US remake Quarantine.

OldBoy - one of the finest films I have seen for quite awhile, from the same folk that spawned “I Saw The Devil” (Another film you must see) pure brilliance if not dark.

Enough is Enough !

Ok, as many would know the Reapers are coming !, for those who are living under a rock, Mass Effect 3 is released in the UK/Europe (PAL) on March 9th. For me personally I have been super excited for this game since I finished ME2 (utterly amazing to say the least) and yesterday I checked my email to find an email from GAME / Gamestation basically telling me my pre-order for Mass Effect 3 is no more ! ! !

You cannot imagine my face upon reading this, it felt time came to a complete stop at first I thought it was just me but few moments later I discovered its not just me being hit by this nonsense but everyone who has a EA game pre-ordered for release during March (minus SSX I believe), I was gobsmacked when I read its through all of March. This was dissapointing but as I looked into what happened I can see why GAME / Gamestation had to resort to this, since the deal collapsed but does it have to be ONE WEEK before the years most anticipated game !

This is totally unacceptable.

I have been a customer of GAME since it was Electronics Boutique and have been faithful to them since day 1, but in the past year my patience has been hacked away with every incident I have been through with them (the closest most annoying case was when my Rock Band : Beatles wireless guitar was faulty and wouldn’t connect properly they claimed I was lying and rang up other stores to alert them of my presence). After a few week I forgave them and continued my support, but after this fiasco ?

HELLLLLL NO ! That’s the final straw, I’ve had enough no more orders from them don’t trust them, never again.


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